Christine is a fabulous trainer

who helps me feel good about my progress while pushing me to work harder. Her classes are well worth the time & modest fee.

-B. Brien


Great workouts!

Christine provides encouragement and makes sure your form is right so you are getting the most out of your workout. Not only does she keep you motivated but your kids are encouraged to work out along with you! My kiddos enjoy coming along and working out. Love it!



An amazing trainer.

Friends and family are noticing my results and complimenting me on how great I look since having four kids. She is a great motivator and creative so you never get bored. I leave every workout stronger and I am amazed at my energy level and stamina compared to what it used to be. I highly recommend Christine to anyone looking to be a better version of yourself!! She gets results!!!



Burpee Basics

Burpees are a fantastic, calorie-burning, strength-building, full body exercise.

You should learn to LOVE them, and if you don’t, you probably need to do this exercise the most.

Anything is possible…

and I love my Mom.

-Cash the Dog